Angus Barter – guitar, vocals Dave Bean – drums, vocals Mike Breen – guitar Valentina Cardinalli - vocals Samantha Letourneau - flute, vocals Dave Read – bass guitar, synths
Moths & Locusts are diehard space-rock explorers hailing from the pulsating heart of Vancouver Island. They create dynamic, heavy, melodic, fuzz-drenched explorations of the inner and outer cosmos inspired by their love of psychedelia, Krautrock, science fiction, vinyl records, and delay pedals. Trance inducing dream-scapes intertwine with visceral blazing garage rock bangers and all elements of the intervening spectrum are sampled. Always over the groove, always. The early years of Moths & Locusts brought a steady stream of west coast shows and two self-produced 7"s, one split with Victoria's New Colors. The band's passion for unique physical products saw a buzzing lock-groove on the first single and a rare concentric grooves approach to the split where two versions of Nero's Tale lie side-by-side and the luck of the needle drop determines which one is played. In 2011 the band set up camp at the Noise Floor Studio and with engineer Jordan Koop at the controls recorded a flood of material with an album's worth of arranged songs and hours of improvised jams and experiments. The following months found the boys in their home studios and their beloved jam space "The Republic of Doom" layering, arranging and whittling down the hours of audio to the essential moments. The first release of this material was a 12" 45rpm EP of a sprawling jam Escape from Sector C where the B-side is a vinyl-only version of the same song played in reverse. It is affecting both ways, but differently so. The epic first full-length album was released on NoiseAgonyMayhem Records in 2013 and given a suitably epic title - Mission Collapse in the Twin Sun Megaverse. The gatefold cover and coloured vinyl are works of art unto themselves. The album was very well- received and spent time on Earshot's national charts. 2013 also saw the band sharing the stage with some high profile veterans, starting with psych-prog heavyweights Rangda, and rocking the main stage at the Quadrapalooza festival. The summer of 2013 brought an unbelievable opportunity - Moths & Locusts was the backbone of a psych-rock orchestra, including members of Colliding Canyons and Wolf Parade, backing legendary Can vocalist Damo Suzuki. A multi-track recording of the improvised set to a sold-out crowd beautifully captured the creative alchemy of the night and later that year the 2XLP Seven Potatoes - Damo Suzuki Live in Nanaimo was distributed to krautrock devotees around the world. Nanaimo sounds like “seven potatoes” in Japanese. Two studio sessions followed - one at Lap of Luxury in Victoria in the fall of 2014 and to the re-located Noise Floor on Gabriola Island in the spring of 2015. Another mountain of music was distilled over months in the laboratory to extract the mind altering substances contained within and enhance it with synths through distinct effects chains and input from friendly collaborators. More highlights of this period included headlining the National Campus and Community Radio Conference showcase with The Backhomes, opening for godfathers of grunge Mudhoney, and a packed Vancouver show with Dan Boeckner's band Operators. After the Operator’s show, Jeremy Schmidt (Black Mountain, Sinoia Caves) pegged Moths & Locusts sound as being like “biker disco” - a favourite original genre tag. A 2014 Vancouver Island show with Canadian journeyman Ian Blurton's new band Public Animal was a meeting of kindred spirits and plans for a split 7" were realized in 2015 timed with a shared western Canadian summer tour. The outro of each band's song is the intro to the other's making a seamless circle of sound. The tour was a total success and included live to air sessions on CFUV in Victoria and CITR in Vancouver. After the tour Moths & Locusts set to work on finishing LP #2, Helios Rising, released in May 2016 on NoiseAgonyMayhem Records and Sunmask Records. The band was asked by upstart UK-based psych label Eggs in Aspic to contribute a volume to their global psych cassette series. A free-form studio session with producer Rob the Viking (of Canadian hip hop crew Swolen Members) yielded a mountain of sounds that was sliced, diced and re-configured into the twisting trip of an LP - Intro / Outro in late 2017. The band brought their live show to to eastern Canada for the first time playing Ottawa, Montreal, London, Toronto, Kingston and Kitchener to stunned crowds. Studio contributions by vocalist Valentina and flautist Samantha grew to the full-time inclusion of these two amazingly talented women in the band’s live shows in 2018 bringing new tones and textures to their mind-melting performances, which included a second attendance at Calgary’s Sled Island, headlining one night of Victoria’s Psych and Soul Showcase and Nanaimo’s Backyard Fest, and joined the line-up at Nelson BC’s Massif Music Fest. Material from the 2017 recording session at Sinewave Studio in Saskatchewan was mined for a limited release 7” in 2018. Cocaine Kangaroo is a rolicking live show favourite while Peyote Coyote is a trip into a bizarre dimionsion. The deluxe edition includes a 4-song CD with all the tracks released from the session. The spring of 2018 brought together an incredible meeting of like minds a generation apart. Psychedelic journeyman Twink (Tomorrow, Pink Fairies, solo, etc. etc.) joined Moths & Locusts for for some live shows playing songs from his classic recordings, like the recently re-released Think Pink, and a studio session to record a collaborative album. The recording session was also attended by Canadian rock veteran Ian Blurton as well as cameos by members of Sloan and Wolf Parade.