A brave quartet that is not afraid to experiment, within heavy reverb tubes, metallic agreements soiled by space dust, intelligent sound interpretations and without force. In their music, melodic neurotic and aggressive lines collide with the groove, the sensitivity of the riffs and a research that seems, from 2013 debut, has made considerable interesting progress that are sublimate in this brand new “Helios Rising”. There are obsessive riffs, almost of cruel beauty, feedback stretched up to implode within the melodic constructions. Magmatic explosions barely contained by the ferocious low mindful of Lemmy lesson, but also influenced by the pounding beat of Geezer. Dandysme
The result is indeed a very powerful set of songs … combining melody and power to create something that is both heavy and anthemic … Yes they rock out, but the unexpected and the experimental is never far away. Be clear this is not experimental music per se, but is is the sound of a band bending and stretching what they are playing, and moulding into something that is superbly well-crafted and satisfying… Moths and Locusts seem to all the time be looking for new ways around established patterns to create soundscapes that are at once familiar yet somehow other. Backseat Mafia
a force of nature and makes a beeline for the jugular, never letting go until the end…It is a shape-shifting, time traveling tapestry for a spaceman wending his way through the cosmos. Highly recommended for fans of psych jams and generally groovy and tripped out tunes. Echoes and Dust
Helios Rising“ ist ein erstklassiges und facettenreiches Album geworden. Es ist voll von spielerischen Ideen und Freiheiten, aber auch von Trauer und Melancholie. Rock Blog Blue Spot
On Helios Rising mind bending psychedelia intertwines with grunge metal, punk, garage rock, surf, German avant-garde, Sun Ra, prog, James Blood Ulmer and a multitude of other influences. The music here is trance inducing. The vocals sound devotional, even prayer like, as if sung by cosmic monks. BC Musician Magazine
Moths and Locusts clearly realise the power of a good tune though, as this most recent in a long series of releases from the Canadian quartet, Helios Rising, is every bit as melodic as it is heavy.  The guitars craft distorted melodies not a million miles away from Queens Of The Stone Age at their more aggressive; and vocals are clean, clear and well sung. Although Helios Rising's compositions lack the repetitive, long form jamming of Space Rock, the album does have the genre's signature bleeps and bloops in plentiful supply throughout, adding a psychedelic element to the group's sound.  It's an effective embellishment that manages to never distract from the song itself. Burning Beard
"for me is exactly what I want my music to be about ... a remarkable forty minutes of music that is so varied and expansive that it feels much longer because there is so much going on here. This is because ‘Intro/ Outro’ is the sound of a band taking chances, the sound of a band who are not afraid to experiment, and the sound of a band on the move." Psych Insight
"Moths & Locusts have a real game-changer of an album on their hands here..they have subverted the psych form to create a beast of many different colours." Dayz of Purple and Orange
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It has a cosmic shoegaze vibe at times and straight up space rock at others...but it all amounts to an immersive ten minutes filled with fuzzy guitar....joy! … It has pretty much everything one could want in a release, it steps up the tempo and density when it needs to but combines this with more introspective moments that verge on ethereal at times. Dayz of Purple and Orange
"The third album by Canadian space-rockers Moths & Locusts continues their ongoing mission of setting both the controls and volume knob for the heart of the sun." Shindig
“The verbosely-titled debut LP from Nanaimo’s local psych-rockers is as ambitiously-named as it is ambitiously orchestrated. The name brings about images of some sci-fi rock epic, and to some degree this could very well be the soundtrack to an intergalactic outing. Musically, the album draws from the well of psych-rock and post-rock, with a heavy focus on guitars above all else. The band also doesn’t seem to factor in restraint — and that isn’t a bad thing. A band that isn’t afraid to put eight-minute tracks alongside two-minute ones shows a certain amount of courage.” grayowlpoint.com
"Traveling between ethereal effervescence and mind bending sonic tsunamis, Mission Collapse in the Twin Sun Megaverse goes straight for the third eye and converts precious grey matter into a psychotropical fruit smoothie" BC Musician Magazine
"Motionless yet stormy rhythmic changes fuzz your perception of time. ... Just when you’ve figured out the feeling that  has swallowed your body, another clean and heavy riff presents a solitary black hole from which gravity prevents any of your insanity from escaping." weirdcanada.com
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Press for Think Pink IV: Return to Deep Space:
"Great mid-60's era psychedelic rock. It’s a real treat - it's the best of what Moths & Locusts do, very much in that Hawkwind space-rock vibe, and it's got  Twink on it! For the psych heads out there, this is right up your alley" Sound Opinions - WBEZ Chicago “Featuring members of Moths & Locusts, Sloan and Wolf Parade as his Canandian backing band … the 74-year-old absolutely rip into the unknown with heavy psych.” NPR " Twink remains invested in the hippie ideal, his London-accented voice still clear as a bell across these nine tracks of slow burn psychedelia and cosmic-garage. The playing throughout is trippy but fluid, cruising through the stars rather than tearing up the void."  4 Stars Shindig “The exceptional Twink. Feels like a journey. Absolute magic. It feels like you’ve drifter further into the farthest reaches of the cosmos. “ From the Bottom of the Record Box Podcast “This collaboration wields plenty of mind altering musical voyages featuring a variety of sounds emerging from behind the cosmic candy counter. Lyrically the album is rooted partly in fantasy and partly in reality, the words coming off as mantras emerging from a dream while musically the band open up portals to other worlds. This collaboration successfully ties a contemporary sound to Twink’s already established psychedelia, resulting in an album that sounds fresh but has deep ties to older conventions of psych.” The Gogo Magic Show