Helios Rising LP
The album's eight tracks cut a wide swath from catchy and convulsive fuzz-rock freakouts through mid-tempo mood-setting jams to the just plain strange. The album is an artful sonic journey, a stoner-rock album for the thoughtful, and a passionate assertion that rock and roll has creative realms yet to explore. 180gm CLASSIC BLACK vinyl pressing of "Helios Rising", comes with poster insert & MP3 download card. Beautiful CD edition of 'Helios Rising' in mini 'old school tip-on' jackets, includes poster insert and alternative gatefold image, different from the LP version.
Intro / Outro LP
Woozily psychedelic, atmospherically instrumental, at times serene, weird, and pummeling. Available on vinyl in highlighter yellow or bone white, CD or super limited cassette. In North America from NoiseAgonyMayhem Records In UK / Europe from Cardinal Fuzz Records and on cassette thanks to Eggs in Aspic
Cocaine Kangaroo / Peyote Coyote 7”
Cocaine Kangaroo / Peyote Coyote 7” single on classic black vinyl, colour cover version limited to only 60 copies! Available through Bandcamp
Moths & Locusts / Public Animal Split 7"
Limited edition 2015 tour 7" split single with Ian Blurton’s new project Public Animal available in 3-coloured vinyl options (100 black/150 white/ 250 white with black splatter) and 3 cover variations, all packaged and shipped randomly.
Mission Collapse in the Twin Sun Megaverse LP
A sonic palette of super-heavy, riff- driven wig- outs, lush psych- folk, hypnotic instrumental explorations and reflective, dreamy interludes. Sounds as big as it is ambitious. Gatefold vinyl LP, digital download and CD. Distributed in North America by RED DISTRIBUTION
Seven Potatoes Damo Suzuki Live in Nanaimo - 2XLP!
Two slabs of vinyl dripping with with psychedelic fuzz that will take you on a journey to the unknown sectors of your subconscious, take root, and grow a garden of pure energy. Space rock with one of the greatest vocalists of all time DAMO SUZUKI!!!
Two versions of an epic heavy psych jam. Super limited edition of only 100 numbered copies, on heavyweight 180gm 'Mars Red' vinyl, with download card, photo insert, sticker and original sci-fi story "The Escape From Sector C" by Valentina Cardinalli.
Escape From Sector C 12” EP
Moths & Locusts / New Colors split 7”
Te M&L side features concentric grooves, ie 2 grooves instead of 1, drop the needle and you'll get one of the 2 versions of Nero...you never know which one you'll get! Pressed on "Life Saver Assortment" vinyl!! Vinyl sold-out. Digital download only.
Our first release, limited to 50 copies of MID-DAY SUN vinyl (long sold out) and 200 copies on INVISIBLE vinyl (limited copies left). Includes the tracks "Avulsion" and "Theme From The Lurker", plus "Nero's Eulogy" (download only). First and last release by the original line-up of M&L.
The Astronomical Significance of … - 7”
TWINK - Think Pink IV - Return to Deep Space With Moths & Locusts and Heavy Friends
Our collaboration with Twink, Ian Blurton, Barnaby Bennet and members of Sloan and Wolf Parade. Available through Bandcamp Check out the mini-documentary of the recording session for a taste of the tracks on our VIDEOS page.