01-Mar-2019 - Logan’s Pub, Victoria - We Hunt Buffalo, M&L, Daeodon 24-Feb-2019 - Capital Balroom, Victoria - Dead Meadow - Blackwater Holylight, M&L 22-Feb-2019 - White Room, Nanaimo - M&L, Colliding Canyons, Wildebeast 23-Nov-2018 - White Room, Nanaimo - Hot Garbage, Scars and Scarves, M&L 22-Sep-2018 - Massif Music Festival, Nelson 22-Jun-2018 - Sled Island Music Festival, Calgary 8-Jun-2018 - Psych & Soul - First Met Church, Victoria - M&L, Scars and Scarves, Poor Baby, Cartoon Lizard 19-May-2018 - Backyard Fest, Nanaimo - M&L + + + 9-Mar-2018 - White Room, Nanaimo - M&L, Eschatons, V. Vecker Ensemble 3-Mar-2018 - Subculture, Victoria - M&L, The Hex, Crashing Into Things 24-Feb-2018 - The Cobalt, Vancouver - Grails, M&L, Psychic Pollution 23-Dec-2017 - Crace Mountain - M&L, KMVP, Plaid Snakes 3-Nov-2017 - Wheelies Motorcycles Victoria - M&L, High Arctic 14-Oct-2017 - The Snakepit, Waterloo - Hawkeyes, M&L 13-Oct-2017 - The Bovine, Toronto - Sons Of Otis, M&L, Hammerhands, Hawkeyes 12-Oct-2017 - The Mansion, Kingston - Texas King, The Huaraches, M&L 11-Oct-2017 - Call The Office, London - M&L 7-Oct-2017 - House Of Targ, Ottawa -  M&L, TBWNIAS, David Jackson 6-Oct-2017 - L'Esco, Montreal - Birds Of Paradise, Moon Eyed, M&L 11-Aug-2017 The Cambie, Nanaimo - Sinoia Caves, M&L, Kensington Gore 18-Jun-2017 - The Queens, Nanaimo - Chunkasaurus, Black Thunder, M&L 21-Apr-2017 - The Cambie, Nanaimo - M&L, The Massless, Jean Mustard 24-Feb-2017 - The Imperial, Vancouver - Wolf Parade, M&L 12-Nov-2016 - SBC Restaurant, Vancouver - M&L, The Jins, The Plodes, The Great Speckled Fritillary, Lightbulb Vapourizer 20-Aug-2016 - Uncle Pete’s Cabin, Yellowpoint - Awkwardfest - in Memory of Heidi Plato 30-Jul-2016 - Broken City, Calgary - The Rumble, Crooked Spies, M&L 28-Jul-2016 - Amigo’s, Saskatoon - Shooting Guns, M&L 23-Jul-2016 - Clint’s Haus, Edmonton - M&L, etc. 22-Jul-2016 - Palomino, Calgary - Buzzard, M&L, Electric Owl 21-Jul-2016 - Slice, Lethbridge - M&L, Buzzard, Supervoid 15-Jul-2016 - Cambie, Nanaimo - M&L, Buzzard, Fantasy Creeps, Jean Mustard 08-Jul-2016 - Copper Owl, Victoria - M&L, Buzzard, Dead Fibres, Jean Mustard 25-Jun-2016 - Sled Island Festival 28-May-2016 - Skol Pub, Gabriola Island - M&L, Massless 13-May-2016 - ARC Community Centre, Powell River - Wolf Parade,  M&L, Silver Atlas 11-May-2016 - The Queens, Nanaimo, Wolf Parade, M&L, Wide Eyed 20-Mar-2016 - Upstairs Cabaret, Victoria - Acid Mothers Temmple, Orphan Goggles, M&L, Golden Hand 26-Feb-2016 - Crace Mountain, Nanaimo - M&L, Flatbed, Loomer, Death Kart 19-Feb-2016 - The Copper Owl, Victoria - M&L, Scars and Scarves, Grimwood, Soft Alarm 30-Jan-2016 - The Cambie, Nanaimo - M&L, The Backhomes, Scars and Scarves 31-Oct-2015 - The Cambie, Nanaimo - The Pack AD, M&L, Awkward A/C, Teenage Tiger 29-Oct-2015 - The Cobalt, Vancouver - We Hunt Buffalo, If We Are Machines, M&L. 09-Oct-2015 - Wheelies Motorcycles, Victoria - M&L, Black Valley Gospel 23-Aug-2015 - Milkcrate Records, Kelowna - M&L instore 22-Aug-2015 - Lethbridge, AB - Bigwood 8 Festival 21-Aug-2015 - Palomino, Calgary, AB - Canadian Tuxedo Party: Napalmpon, Public Animal, M&L, Meisha and the Spanks, Black Thunder,  Sequicons 20-Aug-2015 - The Emerald, Vancouver - Slow Learners, Public Animal, Napalmpom, M&L 20-Aug-2015 - CITR, Vancouver - CITR live to air studio session 19-Aug-2015 - The Copper Owl, Victoria - Public Animal, M&L, Crashing into Things 19-Aug-2015 - CFUV, Victoria - CFUV live to air studio session 18-Aug-2015 - Queen's, Nanaimo - Public Animal, M&L, RadCo 17-Jul-2015 - Railway Club, Vancouver - Hawaiian Punch: Psychic Alliance, M&L, etc. 06-Jun-2015 - Neptoon Records, Vancouver - Music Waste: M&L, Taxa, Aquarius, Leeky Tearducts 30-May-2015 - Crace Mountain, Nanaimo - High Arctic, M&L, Black Valley Gospel 21-Mar-2015 - The Railway Club, Vancouver - MALK,The Psychic Alliance,M&L, Rambone & The Wet Reality, The Guulps, SEXLOADER,  Crummy , Wizards Of Love 20-Mar-2015 - The Vault, Nanaimo - M&L and Massless 31-Jan-2015 - Fox Cabaret, Vancouver - #50!!!: Operators, Sur une Plage, M&L 30-Jan-2015 - The Cambie, Nanaimo - Black Wizard, Waingro, M&L 20-Dec-2014 - The Cambie, Nanaimo - Festivus Bash: M&L, Coal Moon, Noose Tree, The Massless 19-Dec-2014 - Logan's, Victoria - Cymatics, M&L, The Hex 23-Nov-2014 - Queen's, Nanaimo - Mudhoney, M&L, Teenage Tiger 22-Nov-2014 - McKinney's Pub, Powell River - M&L, Godzballs and Cymatics Research Institute 30-Aug-2014 - Quadra Island - Quadrapalooza 09-Aug-2014 - Uncle Pete's Cabin, Yellowpoint - Pete and Heidi’s Rock & Roll BBQ 25-Jul-2014 - Crace Mountain, Nanaimo - War Baby, M&L, Big Jesus Trash Can 28-Jun-2014 - Powell River - Heavy Petting Zoo Festival 17-Jun-2014 - Crace Mountain, Nanaimo - Public Animal, M&L, Coal Moon 15-Jun-2014 - Gyro Centre, Port Alberni - The Distributors, This Day Burns, M&L, and Oroborus 05-Jun-2014 - The Copper Owl, Victoria - WYRD VICTORIA: M&L, The Backhomes, Wand, Mark Alexander McIntyre w/ Batstew (An NCRC Showcase) 24-May-2014 - The Legion, Nanaimo - Ruby Rae’s Rock & Swap: M&L, Love Guns, Awkward, Fences of Fairview 11-May-2014 - St. Andrew’s Church, Nanaimo - Damo Suzuki, Fences of Fairview, Rubber Crutch 11-Apr-2014 - Queen’s, Nanaimo - FUZZ FEST!: La Chinga, M&L, Buzzard, Brahma Blue 07-Mar-2014 - Logan’s Pub, Victoria - M&L, Crashing into Things, Island Monster, Bruce Butcher 28-Feb-2014 - The Cambie, Nanaimo - M&L, 88 Mile Trip, Chunkasaurus 17-Jan-2014 - The Globe, Nanaimo - M&L, Golden Hand, Sport of Kings 20-Dec-2013 - Logan’s Pub, Victoria - La Chinga, M&L, Buzzard, High Arctic 19-Dec-2013 - The Biltmore Cabaret, Vancouver - La Chinga, Harma White, Random Dander, M&L, Mississippi Live and The Dirty Dirty 16-Nov-2013 - The Vault, Nanaimo - PsychFest! – High Arctic, M&L, Colliding Canyons, Blackened Annunciator 28-Sep-2013 - The Cambie, Nanaimo - La Chinga, M&L, Deep Space Burnout 30-Aug-2013 - Quadra Island - Quadrapalooza Festival 10-Aug-2013 - Yellowpoint - Merril Music Fest 06-Jul-2013 - The Globe, Nanaimo - Damo Suzuki, Top Space Men, Freak Heat Waves 05-Jul-2013 - Logan’s, Victoria - Damo Suzuki, M&L 19-Jun-2013 - Copper Owl, Victoria - UBT, M&L, Woodsmen 09-May-2013 - Copper Owl, Victoria - Albatros, M&L, Canvas 23-Apr-2013 - The Globe, Nanaimo - M&L, Canvas, Custom Trip, Mephisto Noise Head 20-Apr-2013 - Crace Mountain, Nanaimo - M&L, 80th Action, Kayne’s Son, Colliding Canyons Mar ?, 2013 - The Cambie, Nanaimo - M&L, The New Colors 8-Mar-2013 - Lana Lou’s, Vancouver - M&L, Silver Skeleton Band, The Dirt, Philoceraptor 02-Mar-2013 - Logan’s, Victoria - High Arctic, M&L, Black Valley Gospel, Old Age Security 01-Mar-2013 - Harewood Legion, Nanaimo - Rangda, High Arctic, M&L 23-Feb-2013 - The Vault, Nanaimo - Marshall's Extravaganza 01-Feb-2013 - Harewood Legion, Nanaimo - Coral’s B-Day Bash: - Lithium Halo, M&L, Lost Earthlings, etc. 21-Dec-2012 - Republic of Doom, Chase River - End of the World Bash!: M&L, Colliding Canyons, Lost Earthlings 08-Dec-2012 - Logan’s, Victoria - Invasives, M&L, Old Age Security 26-Oct-2012 - The Cambie, Nanaimo - Sector C Release Party: M&L, New Colors, Sonic Space 20-Sep-2012 - Qualicum - Angus B-Day Bash ?? Noise Floor, Ladysmith - Breenfest 28-Jul-2012 - Uncle Pete’s Cabin, Yellowpoint - Pete and Heidi’s Rock & Roll BBQ 05-May-2012 - The Cambie, Nanaimo - Budokan, Hello Polly, M&L 04-May-2012 - Logan’s, Victoria - Budokan, Hello Polly, M&L 23-Dec-2011 - The Cambie, Nanaimo - M&L, The Medley, Cortez the Killer 09-Dec-2011 - Crace Mountain, Nanaimo - M&L, Pistol Whipped 23-Oct-2011 - The Cambie, Nanaimo - Avulsion release party: M&L and Trautonium 27-Mar-2011 - The Cambie, Nanaimo - M&L, Summer Amp 30-Oct-2010 - The Legion, Nanaimo - Marshall’s Halloween Bash
19-Apr-2019 - Masonic Hall, Cumberland - Brass, M&L, Diode, Thunder Lizard 30-May-2019 - Rainbow Room, Port Alberni - Crimson Witch, M&L 31-May-2019 - The Legion, Tofino - Crimson Witch, M&L, Scocolag 31-May-2019 - The Legion, Uclulet - Crimson Witch, M&L, Scocolag